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Alexis Andres

Dean of Whitman College

Alexis AndresA recovering perfectionist, Alexis became interested in the study of perfectionism and effortless perfection while a graduate student at the University of Virginia (UVA). Inspired by Duke University's then president Nan Keohane's commissioning of the Women's Initiative,  a campus-wide examination of the female experience at Duke, Alexis conducted her own doctoral research on female undergraduate students and the pursuit of effortless perfection.  

Alexis completed her Ph.D. in 2008 (her first UVA degree was as an undergraduate) and worked as an assistant dean in the College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at UVA before moving to Princeton in 2011. Alexis has served as the director of student life in Butler College, where she oversaw the Residential College Adviser program and Butler College Council, in addition to providing individual guidance and support to students.  Starting in the Fall of 2016, Alexis took on a new role as the Dean of Whitman College. Alexis enjoys collaborations on campus with the Women's Center, Athletics, LGBT Resource Center, the Princeton Women's Mentoring Program, and the Fields Center.  Alexis enjoys spending her free time traveling, horseback riding, and reading.



Nic Voge

Associate Director, The McGraw Center for Teaching & Learning

Nic Voge HeadshotNic’s interest in the Princeton Perspective Project stems both from his investigations into student motivation and resilience as well as his observations of student experiences at Princeton. Adopting a holistic perspective, he seeks to promote students’ intellectual engagement, well-being and balance in this highly rigorous and competitive environment.

Nic develops, designs and directs McGraw’s undergraduate academic support programming including Study Hall, Strategic Learning Consultations, Learning Strategy Workshops, Review Sessions, and other course-specific programming. With a deep understanding of the unique academic demands and opportunities a Princeton education presents, his workshops and consultations  focus on assisting students as they transition into and through Princeton University. In particular he seeks to help students understand Princeton’s invisible curriculum and develop strategies and skills so that they may thrive and be successful. 




Deshawn cook

Director of Student Life at Butler College 

Deshawn Cook

Dr. Cook serves as the Director of Student Life (DSL) for Butler College. In this capacity, he is the primary staff member within the residential college responsible for supporting and enhancing the undergraduate residential and extracurricular experience of students from all four years residing in or affiliated with that college. He enjoys helping students to understand the value of living in a diverse community. Deshawn Cook values student agency, as well as resilience, and is particularly passionate about supporting underrepresented students with marginalized identities like students with first generation and/or low income backgrounds. He promotes student success and understands the salience of continuously fostering a community dedicated to academic, personal, and professional growth. Additionally, Deshawn Cook oversees the Residential College Adviser program within the college, and plans, implements, and supports educational and social programming through is advisement of the College Council and other student leaders.

Dr. Cook is originally from Brooklyn, NY and attended Ramapo College of New Jersey where he received both a BA in Psychology and Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. Prior to joining Princeton University, Deshawn Cook served as the Assistant Director of Residence Life and the Deputy Title IX Coordinator at Drew University. While doing this work, Deshawn Cook also received his Doctor of Letters in Fine Arts from Drew University.