Perspective Polaroids
Nov. 12, 2019

Take five minutes out of your day to remember the things you care about & love! During midterms week, Princeton Perspective Perspective hosted a "Perspective Polaroids" event where students could take polaroids with their friends and write down a quick note of reminder for themselves. Check out what students wrote:  

The Other Side of Me 2019
April 15, 2019

The Other Side of Me is a photo campaign spearheaded by the Princeton Perspective Project and photographer Lyra Katzman. It seeks to provide an open and encouraging platform for students to engage in thoughtful reflection on the experiences, people, and ideas that have defined or changed who they are and how they think. On a…

'We All Face Rejection' Campaign
March 1, 2018

Share with us a time you faced rejection or felt that you were on the outside looking in. What did you learn from this experience? It sucks to be rejected from or fail at something. But it happens to all of us, and it is important to realize that these experiences are an inevitable part of the Princeton experience and can make you stronger in…

Mental Health Week 2017: Show Your Stripes!
March 26, 2017

This February, The Mental Health Initiative put on another successful Mental Health Week to draw attention to and destigmatize mental health issues on campus and beyond. During this week, PPP collaborated with MHI on an initiative called "Show Your Stripes: Embrace the Struggles on Your Road to Success."  Students came by our display in Frist,…

"The Best Damn Place of All?": Linguistic Dichotomy at Princeton
Jan. 14, 2017

"The findings of this investigation are important for the University to understand. They suggest that we need to reevaluate the assumption that students have highly positive Princeton experiences, just because the enthusiastic dialogue about Princeton is often so resounding. In fact, this survey suggests that the difficult Princeton experiences…

Celebrating 2 Years of PPP
Jan. 13, 2017

Check out this video that looks back on all the work PPP has done in the 2 years since its launch.  Looking forward to many more years of improving the campus climate by pushing back against the myth of effortless perfection and encouraging honest conversations about both success and failure at Princeton!



The Princeton Perspective Project is turning 2!
Nov. 9, 2016
The Princeton Perspective Project was founded in November of 2014! Now, in 2016 we are celebrating PPP's two-year anniversary. The Student Advisory Board has planned an event for all students to celebrate PPP!
Behind this Smile: How do Princeton's eating options affect your experience?
April 17, 2016

On Thursday, March 24th, the Princeton Perspective Project team sat down with Cameron Zeluck, Nusrat Ahmed, Amalya Megerman, Natalia Perina, JC Arenas, Ali Campion, and many other students to discuss the impacts of Princeton's eating options on our lives on campus as part of the Behind this Smile conversation series. We talked about co-ops, the…

Stacey Huang '16
March 19, 2016

"I wish I could say I’ve completely overcome my self-doubts. I still wrestle with these invasive thoughts that “I’m not smart enough”— thoughts that I recognize are useless, but sometimes your mind gets stuck on things that don’t matter. Nevertheless, engaging in research has helped me develop a realistic sense of my abilities and limitations. And having found that niche, I’ve come to think that perhaps President Tilghman was right: maybe I do belong at Princeton, after all."

Feb. 8, 2016
The Princeton Perspective Project is hosting its first conversation event in Behind This Smile: A Conversation Series on Wednesday, February 10th in Frist Campus Center (Class of '52 Room). We are pleased to collaborate with Rebecca Nyquist '09 who will be discussing grit and resilience, particularly as these characteristics relate to the lives of student athletes.

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