Mental Health Week 2017: Show Your Stripes!

Sunday, Mar 26, 2017
by kpendo

This February, The Mental Health Initiative put on another successful Mental Health Week to draw attention to and destigmatize mental health issues on campus and beyond. During this week, PPP collaborated with MHI on an initiative called "Show Your Stripes: Embrace the Struggles on Your Road to Success."  Students came by our display in Frist, and did the following: 

On a black sticky note, they wrote down any struggle or setback they have experienced during their time at Princeton--large or small, academic or social, etc.

On an orange sticky note, they wrote down any success they've experienced or a strategy that's been helfpul for them in overcoming challenges at Princeton. 

These submissions were then displayed in Frist as shown below. The display served to remind students that we all will face challenges during our Time at Princeton, but we all have the potential to overcome them when we are honest and supportive of each other! Thanks to all the students who "Showed Their Stripes" and reminded their peers that they are not alone!


Show your stripes