Thursday, Oct 16, 2014
"I don't balance everything. I definitely have moments of being overwhelmed and really, really anxious. But, I think admitting it and also being able to rely on the people around you is important...We all have those moments."
Thursday, Oct 16, 2014
"We need to celebrate hard work on this campus and that we're not all just 'secret geniuses' who can pull everything off in the last minute. That's certainly not me."
Thursday, Oct 16, 2014
"I think the biggest thing is really connecting with the people around you...It's not you versus them or you versus the school. It's you all in this together to learn something."
Wednesday, Oct 8, 2014
Don't miss out on "You Are Not Alone," a video collaboration between the Student Health Advisory Board (SHAB) and USG for Stay Healthy Week. This event took place the week of October 6th, but the resources are available year round! See the SHAB website at:
Sunday, Oct 5, 2014
The Princeton Perspective Project (PPP) aims to empower Princeton students to: alleviate the burden of unrealistic expectations; constructively navigate setbacks, disappointment, doubt, and loneliness; build resilience and develop adaptive coping responses to stress; and mitigate anxieties inherent in the Princeton student experience.
"I wish I could say I’ve completely overcome my self-doubts. I still wrestle with these invasive thoughts that “I’m not smart enough”— thoughts that I recognize are useless, but sometimes your mind gets stuck on things that don’t matter. Nevertheless, engaging in research has helped me develop a realistic sense of my abilities and limitations. And having found that niche, I’ve come to think that perhaps President Tilghman was right: maybe I do belong at Princeton, after all."