Get Support

When you are faced with a failure, setback, or struggle, what should you do? One of the best ways to gain perspective is to talk with someone on campus. There are plenty of places to look for support from peer advisers and mentors, to campus resource centers, and even articles and advice from colleges around the country. Take a look below to build the right support system for you. 


Peer-to-Peer Resources
Need another perspective? Consider talking to an upperclass student who has been through it before. This page provides links to find peer advisers and mentors who are housed in both residential colleges and campus resource centers. Click above to read more.


On Campus Resources
There are many offices and individuals across campus who are here to help you overcome challenges and offer some perspective. For example, when you run into obstacles, your Residential College staff should often be your first stop. They can refer you to the right resource for any given situation. To get in touch with advisers in your college and beyond, click above and read more.


Online Resources
Resilience is an important skill for any college student. Actually, everyone--no matter what age--can learn to cope with and overcome failures. In fact, Princeton isn't the only school to catch on. This page provides links to external resources, articles, and advice from some of our peer institutions. Click above to read more.