What You Need to Know

A Message for All Princeton Perspective Project Participants

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Thank you for agreeing to share your story with other Princetonians through the Princeton Perspective Project (PPP) website: www.perspective.princeton.edu.  The strength of the PPP originates in participants’ willingness to share of themselves in ways that are candid and personal, whether through video interviews, reflective writing, or other forms of creative expression. The site creators are committed to protecting the privacy of contributors by restricting access to the videos on the website. Written pieces as well as other creative submissions may also be submitted anonymously at the creator’s request, although posting of all submissions is not guaranteed.

The PPP site is housed on the Princeton.edu network and video testimonials are IP restricted to allow access to those individuals in the Princeton community (current students, faculty, and staff) with Princeton University IP addresses. Website visitors will be provided with information about the collaborative and educational spirit with which student and alumni contributions are made available. A statement is also included on the site indicating that if a member of the Princeton community is misusing any of the personal information they have obtained via the PPP website that those actions may be deemed a Rights, Rules, Responsibilities violation and subject to disciplinary action by Princeton University.

It is possible that individuals logging into the website may fail to heed these guidelines and copy a video or a piece of writing which they distribute to others outside the official PPP network. While the website asks participants to not share information contained on the site beyond the network, absolute adherence to these terms of use cannot be guaranteed.

If you believe there is material on the website that is your own and not correctly attributed to you or used inappropriately, or if you decide that you no longer wish to have your written or video contribution posted on the site, please write to us at [email protected] with your request.  The Princeton Perspective Project team will seriously review all such concerns and make every effort to remove inappropriate content promptly.  Identical language is included on the website, as well.